My computer, a 2011 MacBook Pro, had a fatal crash. Based on my description of the problem, Bay Geeks found I needed a new internal drive. I ordered a new internal hard drive that Bay Geeks installed. However, there were unexpected system problems. Upon consultation with Apple, Bay Geeks found that my computer had other problems related to a product recall. Apple had him install a new logic board (parts were paid by Apple).
Now the computer runs like new. If I recall correctly, the $200 was the minimum charge from Bay Geeks for about 2 hours of service but based on the fact that Bay Geeks went twice to Apple in Tampa for consultation, I think they worked on it for over two hours, without charging extra. I thought that was nice of them.
The tech and owner picked up and delivered the computer at home. He was on time and very professional. He seemed very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about his work. That's always a good sign.

Carlos O.,

Bay Geeks and Alden have provided wonderful service. After engaging them for personal computer services, I upgraded to their Corporate Service agreement to cover everyone in our company. The service continues to be timely, responsive, personable and patient.

Our devices are maintained proactively which has minimized or eliminated issues of security, software updates, integration using MSO 365 and device performance.

More importantly, Bay Geeks takes their customer service seriously including taking the time to educate and provide industry information when questions arise.

Alden has been able to minimize any downtime by proactively monitoring device and component life span.

As I recently told them, their ability to proactively & dramatically improve the speed of my computer made me feel like I was experiencing "whiplash" when I returned to opening/downloading files.

It is reassuring to have such a service relationship with Bay Geeks so that we can stay focused on our own critical work.

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J.P. In St. Pete,

I had my PC worked on by a company in Dunedin that didn't do everything I asked and I couldn't afford to go back and forth to the guy's shop and leave the PC there again. ... I emailed Bay Geeks and listed the tasks that I needed, content / program transfers from old hard drive to new. ... I accepted their quote. The field agent arrived on time. He was very personable and answered all of my questions. I checked everything out before he left. The BG office manager followed up the next day to make sure I was satisfied. YES. Two thumbs up!


"Can you love a geek? Yes, you can, and if you really want to fall in love for a lifetime (or at least until your next laptop dilemma), call Bay Geeks! Today my wife came to know the power and expertise of Superman, aka Dominick, who just happened to be the support guy who helped her (and me because it was my laptop) figure out why my screen was going black right after the Windows logo displayed.

It was that ancient Roman Emperor NERO (okay, not the emperor, but the video editing software instead). Dominick asked all the right questions, and then realized through his own experience with the Fiddling Emperor, that the application's updates can affect this type of laptop and has actually gotten in the way of the video display due to some interrupted updates and other software connections.

What's really important here is that Dominick (aka Superman) was insightful, efficient, and the most courteous tech guy you could ever meet! So, here's to the Dom! We love you Dom, and we are eternally grateful for your over-the-phone Sherlock Holmes-like problem solution to our video display conundrum!

To the rest of you potential customers of the greatest support team that ever cyber-walked, what are you waiting for? Call now! Call Alden! Call Dominick! No this ain't 1-800-call-Gary, this is Bay Geeks, the best darned support team you'll ever meet or need!

And that's the truuuuuuuuuuth!"

Bob T.
St. Pete Beach, FL


Mr. Bob T.,