Remote Support: How does it work?

We support Windows, MacOS, OSX, & Linux

We support Windows, Apple's OSX & MacOS as well as many flavors of Linux remotely!

With over a decade of providing a wide variety of remote support tools, we've found that TeamViewer's Quick Support Tool is one of the fastest and easiest tools for our clients to use. You don't need to be a computer expert,
we've literally helped thous and of clients, each with varying degrees of tech savvy or skill.

Remote Computer Support Services

Click the "Remote Support Tool" button to download our "Remote Support Tool".


TeamViewer Run UAC Prompt

Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer?

Step #1 is to download our Bay Geeks version of the TeamViewer Quick Support Tool.

It should popup a "User Account Control" asking: "Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer".
Step #2 is to click "Yes". Please say "Yes" if you'd like to continue.

Having Trouble? If you do not see the pop-up box, please go to your downloads folder. On Windows, please left Windows Downloads Folderclick on start, left click on computer and on the left hand side you will most likely see Downloads under Favorites. If you downloaded the file above it usually goes here unless you normally save your files somewhere else.

Once you've downloaded the file and found it, please double left click on the "TeamViewerQS_en-idc47nzsqu.exe" file circled in red above. Please make sure you're double clicking on the file that's downloaded to your downloads folder on your computer and not clicking on the picture circled in red above.TeamViewer Run UAC Prompt

Once you've double clicked the "TeamViewerQS_en-idc47nzsqu.exe" as shown in the picture above, please click "Yes" to the box you saw in Step #1.

Step #3 You should now see a disclaimerDisclaimer. If you've already clicked "Yes" to the picture above in Step #1, then there should be a disclaimer showing. Sometimes it seems to popup behind a web browser so try to minimize or close anything that doesn't say "TeamViewer on it. If you have trouble sleeping at night, be sure to read our disclaimer. Should put you right to sleep!

Please click "Accept" if you'd like to continue.

Bay Geeks Remote Support Tool

Step #4

If you see the Bay Geeks Remote Support image to the right... great work! Now we can send you a popup with the picture of the technician who's looking forward to helping you with what ever kind of technical trouble you're having.

The remote support confirmation message will popup  on your screen. This message will only last for 30 seconds, so please be sure to click on "Allow" as quickly as possible. Otherwise, we'll just have to resend it. No big deal!

Bay Geeks Remote Support Service Confirmation





Step #5 Just sit back, relax and enjoy the show! Now if you're planning on leaving your home or office while we're working, please be sure your laptops are plugged in to the power. Depending on the issues we run into, we may need to install a different version of this software called the Hosted Package. The hosted package does not require all of these steps shown above. This hosted package is only for our regulars or people with whom there is a mutual trust. We will always respect your privacy, however with the hosted package we can restart your computer and reconnect if we know your login info (or setup a temp account for us to use). We can remove this after a service call if you'd prefer.

Please note, the Quick Support package (which is whFast Remote Support with the Bay Geeks Remote Support SOS Buttonat we've shown in the 5 steps above) does not install any software on your computer. It will, however leave a small icon on your desktop that says: "Bay Geeks Remote Support". This "SOS Button" makes it really easy to ask for help again! While you can just double click that icon, accept the disclaimer again, there is no need to download and run the software again. This provides you with faster support than ever before! Don't worry, we'll still send our popup from before. We don't want to just barge in on anyone... honestly, after more than a decade in business... we've learned you just can't unsee some things. We'll always "knock" first with that popup confirmation! We value your privacy.How to close or remove access

How to close or remove access? Now that's another great question! So on the image to the right, you see the cancel button? Just click it! If you don't see the big window on the top, look for that icon on the bottom in your task bar. It's the 2nd icon circled in red below the cancel button. You can also right click that icon, and left click on "Close window". This works with the Quick Support Version of TeamViewer. If you're running the "Hosted" Version (in other words, if we had to install TeamViewer for a regular client), the hosted version is removed through Programs and Features in the control panel. Any questions? Just ask us! We're happy to help and show you how this works. We want our clients to understand and ask any questions they have. Even the difficult ones. Thanks for reading!close-window