Residential Automated Maintenance Sign Up


***One Year Minimum Commitment required. ***
What's included:
  • Bay Geeks Managed Anti-Virus
  • Security Patch Updates- we'll keep Windows & Microsoft current on all security patches
  • 3rd Party Software Updates
  • System Lockdown to Mitigate Risk of Infection -We'll setup & configure your system to dramatically reduce the chance of an infection or compromise.
  • Hacker checks - We'll watch out for several signs that hackers are trying to get into your system
  • Hard-drive monitoring - We'll monitor your hard drive proactively watching out for signs of failure
  • Pre-failure Alerts
  • Automated Corrective Tasks
  • Executive and Detailed Reports
  • Optional Email & Text Alerts
  • We can monitor every system event log for limitless monitoring capabilities. We'll monitor your event logs, services & processes for issues and take corrective measures as necessary
What's NOT Included:
  • Installation and configuration of new equipment, major systems/hardware upgrades, virtualization, major network reconfiguration and other project requests
  • Major software upgrades such as OS upgrades, new management systems, database implementations, etc
  • Training
  • Internal moves and moves to new locations
  • Changes to previously configured systems that are currently working as intended/expected
  • Hardware failures
  • Recovering and rebuilding after disasters including but not limited to floods, fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, lightning strikes, pipe leaks, power surges/failures, etc
  • Pickup/return, on-site or remote support