Thanks so much Alden.
And by the way, thanks again for your thorough job in moving all my old processes and files to the new PC.  By my silence I suppose you have assumed that I have not suffered a rough spot or anything missing yet. That spells a GREAT and painless result in my book. It's great relief and worth every penny of your reasonable fee to do it. I also feel much better...

Judy J. St. Pete ,

You are truly the man for your job!!  Not only have you retrieved my recently sent messages, but also those that I deleted when I found they went back to 2013 !!

My most sincere thanks.


Evelyn P.,

Alden assessed my computer problems and felt he could fix them over the phone via internet. He did. He was very nice pleasant and helpful, so much so I called him back a month later to tune up my other computers.

As of today I am very happy. My laptop was giving me an error message for months now. I tried fixing it myself and with help of my computer geek friends, we couldn't fix it. I called 3 repair companies, one called back and wanted to make an appointment for the next day. Than Alden called and felt he could help me over the phone/internet right then and there. His price was very affordable and he did the job! Thank you Alden!

Tracy H.,

Since I work from my home and have no teenagers to tutor me, and because I am less than computer savvy, I frequently need help. Bay Geeks responds quickly, cheerfully and efficiently. I'm an extremely happy customer.

Betty A.,