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Bay Geeks closely monitors the quality of computers spanning a wide variety of manufacturers. Through repairing computers over the course of the last decade plus, we've come to learn that most manufactures make different computers targeting different users.

We all know that manufacturers can create a car that lasts for 20-30 years. It's not cost effective for them to do so when they can sell you a new car every 5-10 years. The same thing can be said for computer manufacturers.

What we've learned is that the big players in the computer manufacturing world make computers that are geared towards home users as well as small business and enterprise users.

What we've found is that generally Lenovo "Think" brand will last a couple years longer than the average consumer grade pc. That's not to say that ALL Lenovo's are going to live up to that statement. Lenovo also has an Idea brand, a General brand. Once a consumer focused PC sells enough units, they bring it back to the engineering department and once it lives up to the "Think" brand, it's gone through countless hours of engineering improvements. Built to military specifications, most "Think" branded systems undergo security enhancements, vibration testing, atmospheric ratings, drop-tests, spill resistant keyboards, some have back-lit keyboards, some have steel roll cages,

When it comes to Support, sometimes we need help from the manufactures for various reasons. We've had the absolute best support when dealing with Lenovo on their "Think" branded systems. Lenovo "Think" branded systems reduce the time it takes us to maintain, repair and/or provide support. That translates into real dollars saved if and when you need help.

Please be very careful when making your next computer purchase. We tend to favor computers that come with a 3 year warranty. Ideally you can extend that out another 2-3 years so you can ensure you have a positive computing experience for the next 5-7 years!

With the right hardware inside, we can help you ensure that your computer will be fast enough to handle what the next 5-7 years has in store for it. Knowing how you use your computer, what you use it for and what your expectations are will help us ensure that we recommend the right computer for your needs.

Generally everyone should have a Solid State Hard drive. Windows 10, 8, 7 should have 8GB of ram minimum and Apple OSX is no different. Certain Linux versions may not need quite so much.

We recommend most Lenovo Thinkpads (laptops) and Lenovo ThinkCentres (desktops). Be sure to check with us to be sure your system will not disappoint. While most of these systems are fantastic, every user's needs tend to vary and what's important to some may not be important to others. We'll be happy to discuss your needs, expectations and usage case to help make sure your next computing experience is unforgettable.

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